Our life is molded by instantaneous moments and choices, milliseconds, seconds, minutes fly by, cradle to grave we are on a brief and rapid, tenuous journey, sculpted by a chain of moments and our reaction to these moments. A moment can shape our lives and change our lives, in a split second, a moment can alter our lives forever…
Photography has always intrigued me, in an instant, the shutter captures one of these moments, a split second of time captured in perpetuity, an indelible moment. When we look at an image, these captured moments of time, we are transported back in time, whether it is a time of joy or a time of sorrow these images bring to mind distant memories and emotions.
An image can remind us of terrible atrocities or immense times of happiness and beauty, and remind us of the fleetingness of life. Images are a blueprint of our lives and our experiences.  I have dusted off many old photos to look back and reminisce, even after decades I am brought back to that moment and I revel in the flood of emotions and the memories they evoke.  This is the beauty of an image, it keeps us grounded and humbled, reminding us of our choices and the journey we have taken through life.
We relive our lives and moments through photography, our personal journey, the journal of our life, rekindling memories otherwise lost, if not for a photograph.
My photography, my medium is obviously personal to me, taking images of wildlife, nature and landscapes is an intimate moment between me and the subject. What I hope to do, is to pull the viewer of my images into that moment when I was standing there depressing the shutter, sharing in my personal moment. Whether it is bees collecting pollen, bucks play fighting in a snow storm or a calm summers morning with dew glistening on flowers, I hope for that moment you are there with me, pulled into the image, admiring natures glory and the wonder of life.